Welcome to the Central Scotland Backgammon League

Welcome to the Central Scotland Backgammon League. This is a new league which we hope will allow players in Scotland to meet up at a time and place of their choosing to play backgammon. (Players in England are welcome to join the league if they are willing and able to play their games over the board up here in Scotland).

The first league will be played out over 3 months and your position in the league will determine which division you will be put in if we have sufficient numbers to split the league into divisions following this initial 3 months.

All players should be 18 or over.

There is lots of information on the website but if you have any questions just drop me an email using the contact page.

If you would like to become a member for the first league then please make sure you have dropped me an email using the contact page providing the following information:


Email Address

Contact Number

Most convenient train station on Edinburgh - Glasgow, Stirling - Glasgow, Edinburgh - Stirling line (just so others know what area is best for you).

Latest News

End of First League

posted by Matt Webb on 31/12/15 at 14:35

The first league is now officially over and the top three players were:

Ian Hesketh 6 points
Neil Webb 4 points
Alastair Woods 3 points

We have updated the results and ratings tabs with the final results of the league and have also added a winners tab at the top which will store all the results from previous leagues.

We will be starting our next league at some point in the new year.

First League

posted by Neil Webb on 22/9/15 at 18:24

The first league is going to begin on Thursday, 1st October 2015, last for 3 months, and end on Friday, 25st December 2015.

For the first league only, players will be able to join up until Thursday, 15th October 2015.